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Azureus and Mininova Bookmarks

17 Jul 2008 – Madrid

Last week, Mininova has released a bookmark system for its users, it would allow remote downloading, but information are missing to configure Azureus/Vuze properly, here is a mini tutorial.

You can imagine the reation of channels on Mininova, give your feed to your friends, and all start to download the same torrents at the same time to improve your speed and share the good content!

Mininova configuration

Azureus configuration

Be sure to have the last version of Azureus

Installing RSSFeed Scanner plugin

Open Azureus, and go in menu: File → Plugins → Installation Wizard…

Select “By list from”, and select the plugin RSS Feed Scanner in the list, click Next and Install

Configuring RSSFeed Scanner plugin

Go in menu: File → Plugins → RSSFeed Scanner, select “Options” tab

Adding a RSS Feed URL

Click on the “+” next to the top box

Adding a Filter

Click on the “+” next to the bottom box

Go inside tab “Status”, and you’ll see your bookmarks there, starting to download.

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