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We’ve spend several hurs this afternoon with Seb to see how to refactor his system, and how to use the last ruby technologies, like Merb and a lot of nice little gems available on GitHub to make it even easier to manage.

Then, I’ve spent the night starting to implement the idea, which is nearly working:

To manage this experimentation various steps had been necessary:

Next, it might be useful to have a look at the Merb Parts, they are small widgets with their own controller that could be used to generate simple content, we’ll need to see where to separate the CMS part from the various dynamic slices we’ll build.

And the night finish on this beautiful bug that have just appeared:

I’ll have to rollback on the git commit to understand where a conflict has been created, or look for a new version of DataMapper some reference to this LazyArray::RETURNSELF_ constant were recently deleted from some of its forks in github.

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