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25C3 – My remote lecture program

21 Dec 2008 – Toulouse

2 years ago, I was visiting Christine in Berlin for Christmas, and it was a surprise to discover than the CCC was doing its 23rd conference at the same time, it has always been a hacker group orbiting in my sphere of ideas (Blinkenlights, …). Since then, I’ve followed most of their events (and other hacker conferences too: "HOPE", What The Hack, DEFCON, …) online and in real life (CCC Summer Camp 2007), it’s still the main gate to catch a lot of technical and sociological essays on the net.

The next 25C3 is starting on the 27th of December, and as usual to prepare my remote assistance, here is a list of lectures that would be nice to follow:

Day 1 (2008-12-27)

Opening Session

The starting speech, it might not be the most intersting, but it’s well propared and generally resume nicely the theme of the conference: Nothing to Hideview session

Solar-powering your Geek Gear

Green technologies already in used and that will surely become versatile in next years, probably some important information to catch inside to keep in touch with this technology. – view session

Security Failures in Smart Card Payment Systems

Another vector of attack on pin-cards, like most of credit cards in Europe now that simple signature are being replaced in most countries. Keep in touc with this skill to know the limits of the pin code security. – view session

About Cyborgs and Gargoyles …

Wearable computing, getting some idea to implement solutions like Arduino LilyPad in some projects (, orlandooo-things, …). – view session

Building an international movement:

Hacker Spaces are spreading all over the world, it could be seen starting in 2007, and 2008 have just made them grow on an international scale with some collaboration between them. Group meeting to inspire new spaces on smaller scale and decentralized nodes. – view session

Terrorist All-Stars

Not planned in the description of the lecture, but really in touch with french news. From my favorite speaker of last year, Anne Roth, who gave a lecture nammed Wha is terrorism? explaining her situation since her friend is in german jail after being cought as a terrorist.
It’ll surely be the lecture I’ll look for the most on the first day. – view session

Just Estonia and Georgia?

Cyber-warfare in cluster conflicts, interesting information to follow next small conflict that’ll depend on the capicity of countries to stay in touch with IT part of the conflict they’re in. – view session

Hacking the iPhone

A lecture by the iphone-dev team, it could have been the hackers with the biggest impact on mainstream technology this years, and with their history, they’ll probably have some more information to share about the iPhone platform. – view session

Beyond Asimov – Laws for Robots

Society talk about future technologies and robots, to follow. – view session

Collapsing the European security architecture

Where is Europe going about technological and security issues? To keep in touch with actual EU legislation about these issues. – view session

Messing Around with Garage Doors

Some fun stuff with remote key and cloning tehcnologies. – view session

Day 2 (2008-12-28)

Embracing Post-Privacy

I always like this privacy talks because they’re the best place to grasp the real privacy issue we’ve now with all-facebook-flickr-youtube internet, and to get some inspiring direction about where to go and kind-of protect ourselves. – view session

Hacking the Atmosphere

A hacker in the sky trying to enhance hi way to fly, inspirationnal for the development of UAV projects. – view session

Anatomy of smartphone hardware

Centered on OpenMoko Freerunner, a way to follow how the new mobile platforms are made from an hardware point of view. – view session

The Trust Situation

Another society talk on privacy, trust, and surveillance, I’ll be looking to know why people doesn’t seem to get the idea that it’s important ot protect some information, and break their trust network without realising it. – view session

Scalable Swarm Robotics

P2P robotic project, just for fun. – view session

Rapid Prototype Your Life

I’m looking for this lecture on the second day. By Bre Pettis, a Make: Magazine editor, speaking about the ways to quickly manufacture prototype useful for you only. The movement has started a few years ago, and now that pinting and cutting technologies becomes easily available, it’s just matter of creative spirit to build your own stuffs. – view session

Banking Malware 101

A view of current botnet threat, to keep in touch. – view session

The Infinite Library

Porn pushing another time the limit of internet, to create a new way to store and access gigantic libraries now that there’re so much information available. – view session

Console Hacking 2008: Wii Fail

A year after the breah showed on the Wii at 24c3, most information of technics that have been deployed since then. – view session

Tricks: makes you smile

Fun stuff, small tricks to play with web apps. – view session

Blinkenlights Stereoscope

Detils from the last blinkenlights installation in Toronto. State-of-the-art technological installation, get the ideas and mix them in your head for future projects. – view session

Day 3 (2008-12-29)

Running your own GSM network

What’s the state of the open-source GSM world? Since the protocol is over-closed, and some tools appears to get nearer to it (like the OpenMoko), it’ll be nice to have a point of view of the possibilities. – view session

Privacy in the social semantic web

Mashup ideas about how to use XMPP to build your self-made social network. – view session

Hacking into Botnets

The most obscure network technology from last years, I’m always interested in getting some information about it. – view session

Objects as Software: The Coming Revolution

The most important talk from this 3rd day, about Reprap from Zach Hoeken. It’ll surely contain a lot of known information, but with recent explosion of Open-Source Hardware, it’ll be its starting point to ppublish ideas in 2009. – view session


Wikileaks has been the most interesting source of information these last years, with more inside information than on Cryptomeview session

Day 4 (2008-12-30)

Why technology sucks

Politics and technology, the bad mix and why we’ll see the young fighting the the older generation, that’ve be been without internet, for a long time. – view session

La Quadrature du Net – Campaigning on Telecoms Package

After the meeting in Utopia Toulouse, it’ll be interesting to follow the reaction in a room full of mostly-european hackers. – view session

Crafting and Hacking: Separated at Birth

Hackers love to make things and not only on computers. Following the new community growing and bringing other-than-computer hacks to the world. – view session

Mining social contacts with active RFID

Following the RFID, fun stuff. – view session

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