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Deploy a Merb Slice with Rake and Capistrano

On the Slice side, you just need to install the code locally to retrieve the assets, and push the code on your Git repository to retrieve it on your production server.

sudo rake install
git push

On the Merb App side, you’ll need to tell it to update the Slice gemon the server first.
For this, I’ve made a special task in config/deploy.rb:

namespace :gems do

  desc "Update and install media_rocket gem"
  task :media_rocket do
    run "cd #{gems_path}/media_rocket/; git pull"
    sudo "echo" # Allows to run next command as root
    run "cd #{gems_path}/media_rocket/ && sudo rake install"


Then you’ll need to copy the assets from your Slice to your current application, add the changes to Git and deploy it:

rake slices:media_rocket:copy_assets
git commit -a -m "add last asset from media_rocket"
git push
cap gems:media_rocket
cap deploy

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